Monday, August 30, 2010

Hiking with Atlanta Friends July 10-17, 2010

Carol and Susan in 1979
Last month we had a visit from an old friend from Susan's college days, Carol and her husband Luke. Susan and Carol both graduated from Miami University, or for clarification, Miami of Ohio. Miami was a university when Florida belonged to Spain, Carol reminded me of a popular saying. We reconnected a couple years ago online, and were happy to finally get together in person after so much time.

Carol and Susan on the trail to Mills Lake
Neither Carol nor I hiked in college, but since now we both do, we looked forward to showing them some of our favorite spots in Estes and Rocky. Every day we enjoyed warm weather and sunny skies. Carol and Luke weren't acclimated to the elevation, but their Atlanta adapted metabolisms fared better than ours in the July afternoon heat.
Our first hike was in Glacier Gorge to Alberta Falls, Jewel Lake and Mills Lake. Next we hiked to the top of Lily Mountain for the spectacular 360 panoramic views. Last, but always a favorite of ours, we hiked up to Deer Mountain.

Other outings included a trip to the Fish Creek beaver ponds, watching the bighorns at Sheep Lakes, and a drive over Trail Ridge Road with lunch at Pancho and Lefty's. It was a really fun week with them, and we look forward to visiting them in Atlanta soon!

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